Thursday, November 19, 2009

Late-breaking Toronto alert!

The Church of St Mary Magdalene will offer a Sung Votive Mass of Our Lady in plainsong on the feast of her Presentation, Saturday 10am. Morning Prayer is read at 9.30.

Also, a Pontifical Tridentine Mass at the Chapel of Our Lady of the Annunciation at 9am.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

A suggested order for Morning Prayer and Holy Communion

Although the rubrics of the 1962 BCP envision such a service, they are cagey about the execution. What follows is my proposal for an orderly celebration of this liturgy. This service may be used when it is desired both to sing the service of Morning Prayer and to offer the Liturgy of the Sacrifice. It may be adapted for use in the evening.

*Begin the service of Morning Prayer with the Preces and Venite.
*Follow with the psalm appointed by the Revised Common Lectionary.
*Use the readings from the RCL, placing the Gospel after the Benedictus
*Continue the celebration of the Eucharist from the Nicene Creed
*Commemorate the Collect in the biddings to the Intercession.
*Sing the Gloria before the final blessing as prescribed.

This system seems to solve the problems inherent in trying to follow the rubric to the letter, complete with changing lectionaries, and the apparent disappearance of the collect of the day.