Thursday, July 24, 2008

Latin Mass (Rite II - 1979 BCP)

From the Church of the Advent of Christ the King in San Francisco. Mass is sung in Latin there on the first and third Saturdays of the month at 5pm.

Mystery Worship report here.

(^ Introit to Gloria)

(^ Collect to Gospel)

(^ Sermon)

(^ Creed and Intercessions)

(^ Offertory to Sanctus)

(^ Eucharistic Prayer to Ecce Agnus Dei)

(^ Holy Communion to Angelus)


BillyD said...


Very pretty, but I still can't get over Article XXIV. I can reconcile myself to my own parish's frequent practice of using Latin for parts of the Mass during the season that the Schola Cantorum is singing, but a whole Mass in Latin? It seems a little - well, a little precious.

Geoff said...

I just find it funny how threatened the Roman Catholic commenters seem. It just drives them mad! One poster claimed it was offensive for "heretics" to sing Gregorian chant.

BillyD said...

It didn't even occur to me to look at the youtube page for comments until you mentioned it. You're right, they seem quite exercised about it. The comment that got me was one complaining that the singers had American accents (*shudder*). Like you can't detect other national accents in Latin chant (the monks of Santo Domingo de Silos, for example, sound very Spanish to my ear, and no wonder).

BillyD said...

...and if you read far enough, you'll find among all the RC triumphalism a post or two trumpeting Orthodoxy as the One True Faith.

Hoosierpalian said...

A friend and I attended the Latin Mass at Advent, San Francisco in April 2008, and were quite moved. I guess it does seem a little precious, but San Francisco in general has its eccentricities. If it were weekly and on Sundays, I might question, but two Saturdays a month doesn't seem excessive. Given that there were several Latin teachers and a fair number of former Roman Catholics of a certain age in attendance, the Mass *was* in a language understanded of the people!

Davis said...

Odd, isn't it how people so - secure- in the One True and Only Church can be so in-secure.

Geoff said...

hoosierpalian, am I mistaken in my understanding that it is in fact a Mass of the Sunday obligation?

Patrick Cook said...

A beautiful reminder that it was never the intent of the English Reformers to eliminate the Latin Mass entirely (all the early editions of the BCP were translated into Latin for use in universities, private chapels and by those who spoke no English). I think more Parishes should offer a Latin Mass.