Tuesday, January 13, 2009

When the cat's away...

My mother has gone to Florida for ten days in order to be with her own mother, who is a snowbird. I would have liked to have gone with and written a Mystery Worshipper report on this establishment, but that was not possible. Since my mother is also my roommate, this entails that I have the flat to myself for the week. This is exciting (freedom!) but also daunting (double the housework!).

So on Sunday I went to Mass by myself, then Solemn Evensong & Benediction, before having dinner at my father's and sister's.

Yesterday, then, after fulfilling my duties on the home front, I went to a routine doctor's appointment, and then took the opportunity to have a late lunch with a friend who lives near my doctor's office (which is in the neighbourhood where our last apartment was). He was rather dismayed to find that the small independent grocer he frequents is closed for a holiday until Candlemas and as he won't shop at Metro (did I mention he's a Communist?) we then had to hop on the subway and go down to Kensington Market (which is sort of like London's Camden Town only not, IMO, quite as cool). My sister rang me ordering me to buy her some chocolate and bring it to her place (she lives downtown) and I managed to pick up a pair of chocolate flip-flops at a specialty chocolate store, whereupon my friend pronounced me "whipped." I was delighted, until I got to her and my father's flat and discovered they were dark chocolate, which she doesn't eat.

The other thing I accomplished, while we were uptown, was to purchase the DVD I intend to screen at my impending birthday party. That will take place on Thursday, the Octave Day of my Nativity, as last Thursday my mother was still home. It turned out the video store didn't have the movie for sale, but the clerk sold me the rental copy - at the rental price. I was confused ("So, do I have to fill something out to rent it?") and he got surly ("No, take it and don't bring it back. It's called a favour"). So now I have a DVD for $5.07 . The movie, by the way, is Strangers with Candy, not seeing which is a fond thing vainly invented, and plainly repugnant to the word of God.

Today I am going to the LCBO (the provincial liquor monopoly) in preparation for Thursday. Then I'm going to the Art Gallery of Ontario with another friend, who has never been. We're then going to have an early supper before going to see Doubt. Wednesday I am going to try to go to Evensong at Trinity College. And Thursday is the party. My sister is coming (she has warned me that she will be predrinking) with a couple of her cohorts, as well as both of the above-mentioned friends and a few of my old group-home girlfriends. One of these guests is the current object of my affection. ("Never get drunk with someone for whom you have feelings," my mother once told me). Then I'm working all weekend, and I suppose I'll have to come up with new plans next week.

So all in all, it's a busy week for me. Wish me luck! And my apologies to the liturgy nerds for this personal digression.

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