Monday, February 9, 2009

A post for February!

Well, it's been a while, hasn't it?

Yesterday, I went low-church in the morning and Anglo-Catholic in the evening. I took in Morning Prayer at St Olave's, Swansea, which is the site of the winter reunion for the St Michael's Youth Conference. I read the Gospel lesson and got to see all my camp friends. The rector vested in cassock-alb and violet crossed stole for Septuagesima. There was lots of Anglican chant. Afterwards, we all had a lunch of pizza and lasagna. St Olave's is where I like to go for my dose of Prayer Book Evangelicalism. A parishioner described it to me as "a little country church lost in Toronto." Highlight: belting out "A Mighty Fortress is Our God."

Then Solemn Evensong and Benediction at the Church of St Mary Magdalene. Green for ordinary time. All plainsong. Highlight: seeing a woman deacon parata at Evensong and Benediction.

I was sad that that the Accession Service (pdf leaflet) at the Cathedral conflicted with this month's SE&B, which I never miss. I always enjoy singing "God Save the Queen" in French to everyone's annoyance while watching the Lieutenant-Governor scoot up the aisle in his mobility device for his formal seating. Even more strangely, the rector of SMM was the homilist at that service, so we lacked him at his own church. Someone didn't plan this all very well.

Treat of the week: a gallery of photos from last weekend's Solemn High Mass for the Society of King Charles the Martyr in Rhode Island.

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Felicity Pickup said...

Have you come across a French version of the royal anthem in which the metre scans properly (and the rhyme scheme works)when it's Reine and not Roi?