Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dream incumbencies

*S. Clement's, Philadelphia
*St John's in the Village, Baltimore
*Holy Trinity Cathedral, Havana
*Church of St John the Evangelist, Montreal
*St James, Vancouver
*St Peter's Cathedral, Charlottetown
*St Luke's ELCA, Chicago
*Parish of the Falkland Islands


aaronorear said...

I celebrated at the Havana cathedral. Lovely place.

Anonymous said...

Well, Canon Reid is looking for a new curate!


Hoosierpalian said...

Just got back from Philadelphia, and the Assumption of the BVM at St. Clement's was flawless as always. Perhaps you could be the first lay curate of the parish while you complete your studies? Meanwhile, hope you will keep the A/C parishes of Baltimore on your shortlist. Life in the city is not always a dream, but we could use your energy and sense of humor!

Geoff said...

I really want to visit St John's in the Village, actually.

Hoosierpalian said...

A lovely parish (not my own, so I am not a shill) with an excellent music program, strong preaching, and a ceremonial not often seen these days. You must visit!

v22u22 said...

Just discovered your blog recently. I'm a Chicagoan and St. Luke's is quite close to me, but I was unaware of it...going to have to give it a try.