Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Nativity of the BVM

I went to St John's Convent yesterday for the 125th anniversary of the order's foundation. The primate celebrated Mass and preached.

Unusually, perhaps due to the larger crowd this year and concerns over sensitivities, there was no incense. The setting (Gloria and Sanctus only) was Margaret Rizza's Mass of the Bread of Life. The primate wore a chasuble and mitre, and carried a crosier. The "assistant," a nun in priest's orders, vested in dalmatic and read the Gospel and the intercessions that had been interpolated into the Eucharistic Prayer.

Several secular priests were present, as well as the neighbouring communities of the Order of the Holy Cross and the Community of the Sisters of the Church. Bishop Colin Johnson, the convent's visitor, was not present, but I saw Bishop Ann Tottenham, visitor to Holy Cross Priory.

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