Friday, June 11, 2010

Old Catholic schizophrenia

Bishop David Hamid, suffragan to the Bishop of Gibraltar in Europe, blogs about a particularly bizarre effect of the Archbishop of Canterbury's purge: the removal of the rector of Frankfurt in the Convocation of American Churches in Europe from the Anglican dialogue with the Old Catholic churches. It seems that ++Rowan fears the Episcopal Church's voice cannot be trusted not to contaminate our representation to even the Old Catholics - who are ahead of us in permitting the blessing of same-gender unions and the ordination of gay clergy! It is hard to see how, unlike perhaps with Rome or the Orthodox, the dialogue would be upset by an American representative. Of course, the Archbishop is not about to withdraw his own participation from Communion affairs: as a bishop in the CoE he's free to bless as many such unions as he likes in his province so long as they remain "informal."

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