Monday, July 12, 2010

Sea Sunday

The Mission to Seafarers in the Port of Toronto celebrated an outdoor Solemn Votive Mass of Michaelmas yesterday afternoon, just managing to avoid the rain. A couple of us turned up from St Bart's, where the mission's chaplain assists informally and had invited us that morning to binate.

The chaplain celebrated with the mission's other priest and a local priest of the Oratory of the Good Shepherd as assistants. Archbishop Terry Finlay turned up in the congregation in his role as Episcopal Visitor and gave the final blessing.

We sang hymns and modern settings of the Mass ordinary, including the "Land of Rest Sanctus" from Evangelical Lutheran Worship, with synthesizer organ and tambourine accompaniment provided by the diocese's Filipino congregation. The Gloria was a hymn paraphrase to the tune of Angels we have heard on high, and was followed by the Kyrie (in Greek) to Rule, Britannia, which we tried to fake, but it didn't really take off. A collect of St Nicholas, patron of seafarers, was commemorated.

An amply appointed barbecue followed, by which time the oppressive humidity had broken. (Other parts of the city, as I learned when I returned home, had been shaken by thunderstorms).


Anonymous said...

What does "binate" mean? it seems odd that you would name Archbishop Findlay and be mysterious about the other clergy who assisted-no names to protect whom? It was a public liturgy, I assume.

G said...

Bination refers to a priest's celebrating two Masses on one day. I use it by analogy.

I suppose the unconscious distinction I drew was the degree of publicity - a retired Metropolitan who convened an internationally publicized trial versus supernumerary clergy. I wouldn't, however, be revealing anything not findable by saying this:

Fr David Mulholland is the chaplain; he is assisted at the Mission by Fr Ariel Dumaran. The other sacred minister was Fr Philip Hobson OGS - a member of the Anglican-Orthodox Theological Dialogue, in fairness. He is the rector of the parish in the west end where the brothers of OHC tend to go.

Finally, if I can ask you to devise a nom de plume it will help me to keep track of conversations.

Anonymous said...

Thanks you for this. I doubt that the retired Archbishop's involvement in that trial has any resonance today and he has more than made up for it. He is under no cloud. I appreciate the fact that you have given these names, since I know some of these clergy.