Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The English Missal in Pictures

Solemn Mass with the Society of Catholic Priests at Trinity College Chapel, Monday 22 November, in the week of the Reign of Christ.


Michael said...

HA! Good luck getting the SCP here to do anything like that. Only a few of them would know where to start and most simply wouldn't care. I fear there isn't much C in the SCP in Great Britain.

Good on your lot!

Geoff said...

It's an interesting point, and one I have been pondering. I have the impression that the SCP in England tends to be defined in opposition to non-"affirming" Catholic societies like the SSC and thus has a bit of a "catholic lite" reputation. In Canada, by contrast, the backdrop is largely one wherein the "aff" part is taken for granted (publicly opposing the discipline of the church WRT the ordination of women is a fast way to lose your licence) and so the SCP tends to be distinguished by the "C" part, meaning inter alia that it's spikier than the general population.

Michael said...

Thank you for that, Geoff.

The cross-pond differences in expectation always baffle me, but yes, if there isn't the "two integrities" situation, I expect that this makes sense.

Where I am, SCP is definitely diet Catholicism. It has its AC members but they have to compromise to accommodate the middle-of-the-roadies who don't really do or necessarily believe all the stuff.

Anonymous said...

Who are the dramatis personae?