Monday, December 20, 2010


(Photo: Anglican Ex Fide)

Blessed are you, O Divine Light, herald of the dawn and the doom. In the beginning, God said, Be! and you were chosen to be the first to obey the source of all. In these last days, you return to us to search out all hearts in your inescapable splendour. Come and inflame our hearts with longing for your reappearing. Let all the creatures of the Thrice-Holy say Amen!


Fr. Aaron Orear said...

Wow...those vestments seriously clash with the Puritan "Ten Commandments" theme of that reredos.

ex_fide said...

Puritan? The Ten Commandments are in the Bible!!!!!!

The reredos also features adoring Angels, images of Aaron and Moses, a pelican and a Glory, and is topped by a dramatic Rood scene.

Davis said...

Well even Ex Fide must admit the builders of St Magnus didn't have those rose vestments in mind when they installed the Ten Commandments!