Friday, November 4, 2011


Formal theological education hasn't afforded the same kind of luxury of blogging, yet the world continues without me. Expect some restructuring. In the meantime, though, what briefly has been up since last I posted?

The implementation of Anglicanorum coetibus continues. In Canada it appears the erection of the ordinariate is close at hand. Both the Anglican Catholic Church of Canada and the Toronto and Calgary groups have gone quiet, though in this last case not before announcing a reception date of Rorate Sunday. The convent of the All Saints Sisters of the Poor outside Baltimore has been formally reorganized in the Archdiocese of Baltimore. Correspondents in England were surprised to hear of their submission to the Roman obedience two years ago since the English congregation apparently does not share the reputation of its erstwhile American sister and indeed includes female hieronuns.

Controversy has bubbled over the movement that has begun to grow out of Occupy Wall Street in New York. My thoughts on this deserve their own post, but suffice it to say that I'm wary of what appear to be neoliberal economic opinions couched in the language of Christian misgivings. The notion that the current state of runaway capitalism is within the realm of Christian freedom of political conscience strikes as me as specious. And the anabaptist in me thinks the contrast in Church response between London and Toronto is illustrative of the perils of establishment.

The few remaining Reformed Episcopal Church of Canada have fractured three ways, being absorbed into either the Anglican Church in North America or the Independent Anglican Church Canada Synod. A third congregation in Toronto may or may not exist outwith the internet as a separate entity with some kind of informal relation with the others).The congregation going into the IACCS (under a new "Reformed Diocese of Ontario") is led by the former Reformed Episcopal bishop of Central & Eastern Canada, who cited the cross-partisan nature of the ACNA (tainted by a few Anglo-Catholics in the Missionary Diocese of All Saints and some former Episcopal dioceses), which is odd since the IACCS has itself a Tractarian heritage.

The Prime Ministers of the Dominions of the Commonwealth have agreed to the introduction of lineal primogeniture in the succession to the crowns, in place of the current male-preference system. Such a change would mean that the first child of Prince and Princess William of Wales would become heir to the throne regardless of gender. Also to be discarded is the restriction against marriage to Roman Catholics.

The County Orange Lodge of Toronto held its 191st parade, the longest-running in the city. Hard to believe, right?

Finally, trendwatching in the blogosphere and the Anglican Journal suggests that unbaptized is becoming the new gay. Stay tuned.

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