Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sung Mattins (Morning Prayer) in the Diocese of Toronto

Keywords: Choral Mattins, Sung Mattins, Matins, Morning Prayer, Diocese of Toronto

Where can you attend Mattins as a principal Sunday service in the Diocese of Toronto? Below are parishes in the Diocese of Toronto that offer Sung Mattins every month. Please contact me with omissions or errors. The time of the service is in brackets. Note that at some parishes, major holy days override Mattins. At St Simon-the-Apostle, for instance, Morning Prayer is occasionally displaced to the third Sunday of the month.

Second, fourth, and fifth Sundays
*Good Shepherd, Weston - (10.30)
*St Olave's, Swansea (10.30)

Second and fourth Sundays
*Christ the King, Etobicoke (10.30)
*Grace Church on-the-Hill (11)
*Little Trinity (aka Trinity East) (10.30)

Second Sundays
*Church of the Resurrection (10.30)
*St Hilda's, Fairbank (10.30)
*St Simon the Apostle (10.30)
*St Stephens, Downsview (10.30)


aaronorear said...

Hmm...looks like someone could offer Matins every first and third and really clean up!

The Revd John Bunyan said...

Glad to know Matins continues in some churches I attended S.Margaret's for it last year when in Canada and go down to S.John's, Canberra, the historic church of the national capital of Australia, usually once a month (they have it twice monthly, sung). Would welcome source of more copies of the excellent book on Morning Prayer published by Wycliffe in 1997 and now unfortunately out of print.