Monday, February 4, 2008


The Book of Common Prayer is rather vague in its rubrics for combining Morning Prayer with Holy Communion. (It appears, for example, to call for lectionary-jumping and the omission of the Collect). The Book of Alternative Services rubrics seem to be non-existent. As far as I can tell, this is the most sensible way of celebrating going about it:

*For the Liturgy of the Word, celebrate Morning or Evening Prayer in desired language according to the BAS order. Begin with the penitential rite, if desired. Use the Apostles' Creed rather than the Hear O Israel. After the Collect, instead of the Lord's Prayer and Dismissal, conclude with Confession and Absolution from the Eucharist (if the Penitential Rite has not been used) and the Peace.

*Celebrate the Liturgy of the Eucharist in language congruent with that used thus far. If the Gloria is desired, it is sung following the Prayer after Communion.

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JC said...

When I was in Victoria, I attended the Cathedral which featured a combined Matins/Holy Communion service. It is a shame that there are very few parishes that do this. Morning Prayer is generally spoken if it is said in Anglican parishes.

To hear the Te Deum sung is truly breathtaking. I wish that more parishes, especially parishes who wish to retain the BCP, had combined Matins/Communion services. To me, it keeps the best of both worlds. It allows Matins to survive while acknowledging the Eucharist as the primary service of the church.