Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A few interesting liturgical (and other) links

*Rites relating to ministry, from the ELCA
*the Book of Divine Worship (The BCP Catholicized)
*Divine Liturgy of St Tikhon (the BCP Orthified)
*What bishops and clergy should know about religious life
*Quean Lutibelle's Advice to Lesbigay Aspirants for Ordination in the Episcopal Church
*People, Look East! (Br Tobias on celebration ad orientem)
*Ordinary of the Mass (English Missal and Roman 1962)
*1965 Ordo Missae (what Vatican II was supposed to look like)
*What Roman Catholics and Anglicans Don't Know About Each Other
*Episcopal Priest becomes Catholic Laywoman
*"My Mother's Funeral"
*Disordered Thinking (Br Tobias on the ordination of women)
*The Sex Articles (Br Tobias's masterful piece on the marriage and homosexual unions)
*When to Kneel, Stand, or Sit (from Una Voce)
*How to Serve the Latin Mass
*The Tridentine Missal
*Fr Fox on celebration ad orientem
*The 1662 BCP in Contemporary English
*The Divine Liturgy of St Gregory (the traditional Roman Mass Orthified)
*An Eastern Rite Lutheran Divine Liturgy
*How do the say the Office 1662-style with the 1979 BCP
*How to say 1962-style Morning Prayer with the BAS
*Order for Worship with Holy Communion (Church of Norway)
*Services in English (Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland)
*The Polish National Catholic Church's recension of the Novus Ordo
*Ordination and Consecration of a Bishop (Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada)
*Church of Sweden Service Book in English
*Pfatteicher on the Daily Office in the new ELCA/ELCIC and LCMS/LCC books
*Order of Service for the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II


Anonymous said...

'What bishops and clergy should know about religious life' is a broken URL.

Geoff M. said...

Works for me.