Saturday, March 1, 2008

Keeping track - Part II

There are now fifteen Canadian SoCo parishes:

*The Church of the Good Shepherd, Vancouver, BC
*Church of the Resurrection, Hope, BC
*Church of the Holy Cross, Abbotsford, BC
*St John's (Shaughnessy) Anglican Church,Vancouver, BC
*St. John's Richmond, Richmond, BC
*St Mary’s of the Incarnation (Metchosin), Victoria, BC
*St Matthew's Anglican Church, Abbotsford, BC
*St Matthias and St Luke Anglican Church, Vancouver, BC
*Church of the Resurrection, Brandon, Manitoba
*Church of the Good Shepherd, St Catharines, Ontario
*St Alban the Martyr Anglican Church, Ottawa, Ontario
*St. Chad's Anglican Church, Toronto, Ontario
*St George's Anglican Church, Lowville, Ontario
*St Hilda's Anglican Church, Oakville, Ontario
*Faith Anglican Church, Ottawa-area, Ontario

The above parishes belong to what is being styled as the Anglican Network in Canada. This name is being used for what basically amounts to Bishop Harvey's SoCo diocese in Canada. There are four other "Anglican Essentials Network" parishes, which remain in the Anglican Church of Canada.

*St Barnabas Anglican Church, Medicine Hat, Alberta
*St. John the Evangelist, Calgary, Alberta
*St Peter's Anglican Church, Okotoks, Alberta
*St Aidan’s, Windsor, Ontario

I would be very interested to see what St John's, Calgary does. They seem like they would be at home in the Anglican Catholic Church of Canada, with their birettas, Walsingham shrine, and BCP Masses with Anglican Missal interpolations. They are also the only Anglo-Catholic parish in the Network. Could it be because most AC parishes can't afford to take a firm stand either way on the 40th Article ("Against Poofters")?

The Diocese of Niagara has temporarily lost access to two of its parishes following an interim court judgment. Meanwhile, the Diocese of Toronto, which had been kept out of St Chad's under lock and guard, have changed the locks. Watch this space.

(An observation on St Chad's from moveable_type on Ship of Fools: he notes that "their sign refers to them being 'biblical Anglicans,' or some such thing, as if the rest of us worshipped Ra").

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