Monday, November 17, 2008

Inside a Reformed Episcopal church

Mobile photos of St George's Reformed Episcopal Church, Hamilton (previously St Margaret's Anglican).

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The young fogey said...

It looks much like the middle-of-the-road style where I got started.

The Reformed Episcopal Church - like James Parker Dees' tiny Anglican Orthodox Church, a later low-church split (Dixiecrat North Carolina Episcopalians from 1963 - think Virginian Low Church) - has changed a lot recently, high-churchifying and emphasising their Anglican heritage, approaching the Anglo-Catholic Continuing churches and I understand now interested in coming back under the Anglican umbrella in a proposed new American province (not the Episcopalians).

I've seen old-school Reformed Episcopal. Communion table the size of a tea-trolley and minister in black academic gown for preaching. Almost a trip back in time to the early 1800s. The only concessions to a more liturgical approach were a plain brass cross (unthinkable in that church 100 years ago) and little green superfrontal.