Tuesday, May 19, 2009

And then what happened?

Did you know that Holy Trinity, Trinity Square was originally a product of the Tractarian movement? I sure didn't. It may be one of the most (ahem) cutting-edge parishes in the diocese now, but at its inception it was the only parish in the diocese with weekly Holy Communion, free pews, and a surpliced choir.

(The first full-blown Ritualist parish in the diocese was, of course, St Matthias, Bellwoods, which itself has seen a great deal of change).

There have been other casualties. When my own parish priest celebrated her first Mass as a newly ordained priest in the 1980s at St Aidan's in the Beaches, it was a Solemn High Mass ad orientem. Much has changed.


Anonymous said...

And nothing for the good: a great many more vestments and a good deal more smoke accompanied by a HUGE decline in the faith of the Church Catholic. Romeward Bound we should be.

Davis said...

Nothing for the good? No, the work of Christ is always for the good.

Michael said...

I agree with Davis that not everything can be measured by numbers. A full church and thriving community with regular activities is always encouraging but, faced with a choice of large numbers and spiritually impoverished worship and teaching on the one hand, and a handful of regulars and rich and spiritually nourishing worship on the other, my choice would be for the latter.


eric said...

Hopefully, the ship is turning around again.

So, it didn't take me long on the Holy Trinity website before I found this gem:

"The Church of the Holy Trinity was built on an ancient site considered holy by the Massasauga people."