Saturday, May 9, 2009


Today I was inducted as a member of the Society of Mary at the second Saturday of the May Festival of Our Lady. St Thomas's, Huron Street hosted the Solemn High Mass and Procession, followed by a luncheon and ending with Rosary and Benediction.

The Mass was a setting by Giles Bryant, and was sung by the choir of Royal St George's College (the choir school of the Cathedral Church of St James), which was quite a treat. It ended with a congregational procession to "The happy birds Te Deum sing," and the May Crowning.

The rosary was chanted antiphonally by gender, and I regret to say that the hymn tunes at Benediction were not the proper plainsong ones.

At the offertory, I submitted my new parishioner form for St Thomas's. My first Sunday there will be the Patronal Festival in July.


Anonymous said...

Former choir school for the Cathedral. The Men and Boys Choir there is now defunct.

Why a new parish home starting in July?

movable_type said...

Has it come to this? :--)

Geoff said...

I stand corrected.

Having consulted with my parish priest, it has been determined that it would be beneficial for me to gain some experience in an Anglo-Catholic parish before I put myself forward for postulancy.

Michael Astley said...
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Michael said...

Why do you have to fill in a form to join the parish?

Geoff said...

Mostly so that they know where I live and so that I can get tax credit for my offerings.