Saturday, October 31, 2009

Underappreciated liturgical destinations in Toronto

I’m not the New Liturgical Movement. I try to report on the Anglican beat in Toronto with occasional ventures into Niagara and Montréal. It’s a niche market, but affirming (or more aptly traditional-egalitarian) Catholicism is coming into vogue now. With that in mind…

*St Simon-the-Apostle. Tempted to check out Morning Prayer in spectacular St Paul’s, Bloor Street? If you’re looking for the BCP service with Anglican chant and choral music from your childhood, you’ll be disappointed. Walk two or so blocks east and you’ll be at St Simon's, where you can bellow Battishill’s Jubilate Deo to your heart’s content. (On the other hand, if you are someone who wants an old-fashioned preaching service in one of the most breathtaking churches in Canada, then I cannot recommend St Paul’s to you heartily enough).

*The Chapel of St James-the-Less. There’s only one opportunity each year to assist at Mass here: the cathedral’s Choral Requiem on the Saturday nearest All Souls’ Day. It’s worth going to, although it’s not a Fauré affair in black, the A-word appears, you'll be censed (or incensed!), and you’ll grit your teeth during the Agnus Dei. But it’s ad orientem and at least it’s not done in white (you all know who you are…).

*St Matthias, Bellwoods. I go here to sing my old Catholic Book of Worship favourites. But the spirit of devotion runs deep. You’ll witness generous Asperges, May Crownings, and Benediction on Corpus Christi (complete with “One bread, one body” of course). And on festal occasions, the food never disappoints.

*St Bartholomew’s, Regent Park. I can’t do it justice here. I’ll offer my comments on the Use of Regent Park in a future post.

Postscript: Regrets

I used to vow every year that I would make to 10 o'clock Benediction at the cathedral on Maundy Thursday night, and then they stopped doing it. My bad.

Last year, Trinity College did a Solemn Requiem according to the English Missal on All Souls. To my ongoing amazement, this didn't filter through the grapevine to me. As if I would knowingly have deprived you, dear readers, of a photo of the Dean of Divinity in a biretta!

(An indulgence the next time I injure myself to the first one to identify the especially strategic Oxford comma in this post. -ed.).

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