Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ideas for the next revision of the Book of Alternative Services

*Extend Christmasstide to Candlemass
*Provide a form for the full Vigil of Pentecost
*Provide propers for a Mass at Dawn on Easter Sunday
*Designate the Thursday in Trinity week as an optional memorial in Thanksgiving for Holy Communion
*Raise all feasts of Our Lady to the rank of Holy Day
*Provide propers for Accession Day


aaronorear said...

* Do something, anything, about the dog's breakfast of the Office.

* Fix the layout so that lay people can follow the liturgy.

* Chuck the whole thing and adopt the ECUSA 1979 BCP, like you almost did but for misplaced national pride. Really, what a time to develop a Canadian identity.

Max. said...

I've never heard of Accession Day :P

Geoff said...

It's always marked here on the nearest Sunday with Choral Evensong at the cathedral, and the Lieutenant-Governor attends.

Geoff said...

Hey, it was exciting times, getting constitutional self-government and all. I see no reason in principle why we couldn't have a common prayer book across the border as in the Church of Ireland, the Reformed Episcopal Church, or the Evangelical Lutheran Churches in America and Canada. The Anglican Gradual and Sacramentary, which I'm pleased to see the SCP championing, works quite well with either the 1979 or (with a little modification) the BAS.

In the Diocese of Montréal, the 1979 BCP is authorized as well as Common Worship. And of course in theory at least it should be possible to use Evangelical Lutheran Worship, thus providing a way to get the Litany of the Saints (albeit suitably reformed) back in.

I understand, however, that provision for the 1928 is not (even) as extensive (!) as for the 1959/1962.

JC said...

1) Revise the Great Litany to include optional prayers to the Saints "Holy Mary, Pray for us."

2) Bring back the Suffrages into Morning and Evening Prayer (the Order of St Julian has a contemporary liturgy of the offices which includes the Suffrages).

I agree with raising all Marian feasts to the rank of Holy Days and on including propers for Corpus Christi.