Wednesday, December 30, 2009


"Reappraisers" don't need to "win" The Debate: they need only wait for the baby boomers to retire: Anglicans my age who oppose the blessing of same-gender unions are as unusual as those of my parents' generation who still hold out in "safe" parishes.


Vagabond Catholic said...

Agreed. I also thought I'd toss out there my new blog. I think you might be interested:

Isaac Thorpe said...

I can't say I agree with that statement... The majority of involved Anglicans that I know who are between 20-25 are either opposed to the blessings as a matter of Church order (ie not theologically opposed) or wish that the whole issue would just be dealt with on a diocesan and parish level, but are against any fiddling with the marriage canon. It is the Boomers that seem to be most infavour of SSB's... but that could just be my own bias showing

Geoff said...

Surely "fiddling with the marriage canon" is the more honest - and Catholic - option? We don't want to wash our hands of it and let bishops make it up as they go along, do we?