Friday, April 25, 2008

Manifesto on the Ordination of Women

Below are a list of signatories to the 1975 Manifesto on the Ordination of Women to the Priesthood from Concerned Clergy of the Anglican Church of Canada from the Diocese of Toronto. I found this a fascinating list, with some "no surprise there" names, and a few unexpected ones.

Interesting signatories from other dioceses include the Rev. D.F. Harvey of the Diocese of Newfoundland, the Rev. R.D. Crouse of Nova Scotia.

I also recognised the Rev. A.M.L. Klassen of Montréal (presumably the rector of St Michael's, Winnipeg), the Rev. H.O. Slattery of the same diocese (now, I believe, rector of the Anglican Catholic parish there), the Rev. A. Gallichan, of Ottawa (now a priest with Christ Catholic Church International), and a few other clergy who are now with continuum denominations.

One wonders if any female deacons signed.

Here beginneth the list:

The Right Reverend Hugh V. Stiff
The Venerable J.M.N. Jackson
The Venerable G.H. Johnson
The Venerable B. Tonks
The Reverends M.H.H. Bedford-Jones
D.C. Brown [OHC?]
R.V. Campkin
D.A. Catton
D.H. Crane
J.P. Deyman
J.W. Eling
E.W.W. Etherden
C.A. Gotts
E.T. Hales
H.B. Haynes
H.E. Hesketh
J.W.B. Hill
M.C.D. Hutt
T. Ipema
W.N. McKeachie
J.D. Merrett
G.E. Moffatt
W.E. Moore
R.F. Palmer [SSJE]
G.L. Pritchard
R.H. Pursel
S.R. Ripper
R.A. Sharp
G.R. Thompson
G.V. Young

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Malcolm+ said...

You don't have the complete list, it seems. I presume this is the letter one now retired priest was referring to when he said that he had done all in his power to prevent having any transitional deacon or seminarian sign. The priest, now retired, has come to terms with the ordination of women. One of the seminarians he prevented from signing is now a bishop - who has ordained women.