Thursday, April 24, 2008

Women in the Episcopate of the Anglican Communion

Episcopal Church USA
*Laura Ahrens (2007)
Suffragan, Connecticut
*Jane Dixon (1992)
Retired Suffragan, Washington
*Carol Gallagher (2002)
Resigned Suffragan, Southern Virginia, then Assistant in Newark
*Mary Gray-Reeves (2007)
Bishop of El Camino Real
*Barbara Harris (1988)
Assisting Bishop of Washington (previously Suffragan, Massachusetts)
*Gayle Elizabeth Harris (2003)
Suffragan, Massachusetts
*Dena Harrison (2006)
Suffragan, Texas
*Carolyn Irish (1996) (doubtful validity)
Bishop of Utah
*Chilton Knudsen (1997)
Bishop of Maine
*Mary Adelia McLeod (1993)
Retired Bishop of Vermont
*Bavi "Nedi" Rivera (2005)
Suffragan, Olympia
*Catherine Roskam (1995)
Suffragan, New York
*Katharine Jefferts Schori (2000)
Primate, formerly of Nevada
*Catherine Waynick (1997)
Bishop of Indianapolis
*Geralyn Wolf (1995)
Bishop of Rhode Island

Anglican Church of Canada
*Jane Alexander (2008)
Bishop-elect of Edmonton
*Susan Moxley (2004)
Bishop of Nova Scotia (previously suffragan)
*Linda Nicholls (2008)
Suffragan (Trent-Durham), Toronto
*Ann Tottenham (1997)
Retired Suffragan (York-Credit Valley), Toronto

Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand, and Polynesia
*Penny Jamieson (1990)
Retired Bishop of Dunedin
*Victoria Matthews (1994)
Bishop-elect of Christchurch; previously Bishop of Edmonton (Canada); originally Suffragan (York-Credit Valley), Toronto

Anglican Church of Australia
*Barbara Darling (2008)
Bishop for Diocesan Ministries, Melbourne
*Kay Goldsworthy (2008) (first)
Assistant Bishop, Perth

Episcopal Church of Cuba
*Nerva Cot Aguilera (2007)

Women bishops permitted, none selected
*Church of Bangladesh [United]
*Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil
*Anglican Church of Central America
*Church of Ireland
*Japan Holy Catholic Church
*Anglican Church of Mexico
*Church of North India [United]
*Philippine Episcopal Church
*Scottish Episcopal Church
*Anglican Church of Southern Africa
*Episcopal Church of the Sudan

Women ordained to the priesthood, but not the episcopate
*Church of the Province of Burundi
*Church of England
*Hong Kong Anglican Church (Episcopal)
*Anglican Church of Kenya
*Anglican Church of Korea
*Church of the Province of Rwanda
*Church of South India [United]
*Church of Uganda
*Church in Wales
*Church of the Province of the West Indies
*Church of the Province of West Africa

Women ordained to the diaconate only
*Church of the Province of the Indian Ocean
*Anglican Province of the Southern Cone of America
*Anglican Church of the Province of the Congo
*Church of Pakistan [United]

No ordination of women
*Church of the Province of Central Africa
*Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East
*Church of the Province of Melanesia
*Church of Nigeria
*Church of the Province of Papua New Guinea
*Church of the Province of South East Asia
*Anglican Church of Tanzania


Paul's ramblings said...

The Australian Diocese of Sydney does not ordain now allow women priests to preside at the Eucharist

Davis said...

What's the problem with Carolyn Irish's consecration?

Geoff said...

Well, she was never validly baptized, which of course is necessary to validly receive Holy Orders.

Davis said...

Was she baptised a Mormon? That would be a problem...

Geoff said...


Keith said...

Women priests and deacons have been and are serving in parts of the Province of Jerusalem and the Middle East