Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Blessed be St Matthias, numbered with the Apostles

Today I went to St John's Convent for Low Mass with Hymns on St Matthias Day. Although I didn't plan it this way, I happened to be there on the day the postulancy committee was interviewing. A number of people were there for that reason, including the entire College of Bishops, my parish priest and Christian Education minister, and a couple of other priests I know informally. I got to sit at Mass with our CE minister and the diocesan bishop.

The celebrant of the Mass was a Fr Bruce Mutch, who according the diocesan website is an honorary at St Thomas's, Huron Street. Despite being a regular visitor at St T's, I have to say I have never seen the man before in my life. He's one of two priests listed in St Thomas's entry on the site whom I have never seen function liturgically there. (The other is Fr Charles Irish, but I know his wife, so I can vouch for his existence).

The celebrant's stole and chasuble, and the burse and chalice veil, were a strange but lovely sort of burnt orange - almost what (in my politically incorrect childhood) Crayola used to call "Indian Red."

We did not sing the Gloria, but after the Collect we sang "By all your saints still striving" with the special verse for St Matthias. At this point, I was a little sad that the music was provided by a priest on electric keyboard, since done well on organ, "King's Lynn" is just orgasmic. The leaflet indicated that the Apostles' Creed would be used, but the celebrant announced the Nicene, which caused some confusion. The offertory hymn was "Who are these like stars appearing" (All Saints). The Communion hymn was "Father, we thank thee who hast planted" (Les commandemens). We closed with "You call us, Lord, to be" (Rhosymedre).

As always, I came for the Mass, but I stayed for the superb dinner. Today we had a chicken stew on rice with some slightly overcooked (but in a good way) green beans (delightfully enhanced with sliced almonds) and glazed carrots, which always remind me of special occasions at my old group home. Blessed are you, Lord our God, ruler of the universe, you give us food from the earth.


Davis said...

Probably what's called Sarum Red.

Tay Moss said...

Funny that they didn't use that incredible organ of theirs--though I suppose it's a bit intimidating. I'll never forget the concert celebrating the organ's installation a year or two ago: Stephanie Martin really showed off what it could do. The best part was singing "When God in our music is glorified" at the top of our lungs in chapel full of music and church professionals. Very special.