Thursday, May 8, 2008

Evensong in Toronto

If you're an Anglican in Toronto, your options for Evensong are limited.

*For those who like cathedral Choral Evensong, there is the Cathedral Church of St James, every Sunday at 4.30pm. There are occasional exceptions (the ordination of deacons and the diocesan confirmation) but it's pretty dependable. It's usually preceded by an organ recital at four o'clock.

*For those who like it Solemn, there's St Thomas's, Huron Street. Solemn Evensong and Devotions, with a little more congregational participation than is to be found at the cathedral, is on Sundays at seven o'clock, except for the Sunday after Christmas. The "Devotions" in question are a sort of Benedictio interruptus, lacking a monstrance and the Divine Praises, and with a bowdlerized antiphon on the final psalm ("Let us adore Christ our Lord in the most holy..."). Most priests, I'm told, discreetly give the actual Benediction, some do not. Look forward to a Procession and Te Deum on big Sundays.

*Choral Evensong is held on Wednesdays in term (5.15pm) at Trinity College.

*On the first three Sundays of each month at seven o'clock, the Church of the Redeemer offers the only BAS Evensong that I know of at any parish in the diocese.

*Once a month from September to May, Solemn Evensong and Benediction is sung to plainsong at the Church of St Mary Magdalene at 4.30pm on a Sunday. This is my personal favourite.

*St Margaret's, North Toronto, has Prayer Book EP on the first Sunday of every month at 4pm.

*St Paul's, L'Amoreaux, the unofficial cathedral of York-Scarborough episcopal area, has "Evensong with hymns" with a choir on the last Sunday of the month at 6pm.

*St Anne's has Choral Evensong "as announced" on Sundays at 4pm. In my experience, St Anne's rarely announces anything, so if you want to catch their excellent choir, best give them a call.

*St Olave's, Swansea, has periodical BCP Choral Evensongs which are announced on the website.

*St Luke's, East York offers something described as "Evening Prayer and Praise" that is "usually" on third Sundays. Best to call.

Worth noting: Holy Family Church at the Toronto Oratory. Solemn Vespers and Benediction (English and Latin) at 5pm on Sundays. I run into Anglicans there all the time.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, this is cool. I'll try and check some of them out, if they are still going (I see this is an old post). I stumbled upon the compline services at St Mark's Episcopalian cathedral in Seattle (which is incredible, also draws out a ton of young folks), and was wondering if anything like it was in Toronto.