Sunday, December 7, 2008


It occurs to me that, should I remain a lifelong celibate (a distinct possibility), I could seek ordination in the Anglican Catholic Church of Canada. Then I wouldn't have to worry about crap like this.


Anonymous said...


Very interesting!

It's my very vague impression that the ACCC is a lot larger and more stable than the various Continuing groups in the States.

Am I correct?

Geoff said...

The ACCC is part of the Traditional Anglican Communion. Its American counterpart is the Anglican Church in America, which is at least as stable, and probably somewhat larger (the ACCC has about 45 congregations).

One problem, however, is that the TAC is seeking corporate reunion with Rome as an Anglican Rite sui juris church. If that happens (and it's impossible to cut through the spin and ascertain just how likely it is) then presumably I'd have the same problem - the 2005 instruction - that I had starting out.

Davis said...

Why not just get yourself consecrated episcopus vangante of wherever and be done with it...?

There's no reason in this world why you'd have to take a position at a place with a silly liturgical life like that place.

Anonymous said...

I like the ACCC, and ++Wilkinson, very much. That said, bear in mind that even in the wilds of Newark there is this parish, which would likely meet your approval:

I think you will find that Affirming Catholicism has a long life ahead in Canterbury Anglicanism, whatever its future otherwise, and if you train in the right house and/or train as a seminarian in the right church you ought to be well disposed to be called to just such a place.

Patrick Cook said...

Even if you were allowed ordination as a celibate, would you really feel comfortable in such a non-AffCath church? I can assure you that ordinary churches in the (real) Anglican Communion do not practice such liturgical horrors.

JCF said...

So Church of the Redeemer (Morristown, NJ) isn't your cup of tea (nor, FWIW, is it mine, overall).

Why do you feel it necessary to insult this parish's faith, which is clearly meeting the spiritual needs of many?

It really isn't surprising: you start drawing circles to screen people out of the Church, and pretty soon someone's drawing a tighter circle, to screen you ("Objectively Disordered" Guy) out.

I'm an Anglican to, like Christ, draw people IN: not screen them out!

Geoff said...

I'm sure the parish has a deep faith, but they should not try to pass it off as Christianity.

I do not believe in excluding anyone who wishes to profess the Christian Faith from doing so. But I cannot prevent people from excluding themselves.