Monday, December 1, 2008

The First Sunday in Advent

Yesterday was of course the First Sunday in Advent. My desktop colour has been altered accordingly and my current pinup, Matt Prokop, seems to be enjoying his new colour.

At my own parish, breakfast was served between the two Sung Masses. I therefore arrived early and received dispensation from the Eucharistic fast from a somewhat bemused Mother. I then prepared to serve as subdeacon.

Unfortunately, our Advent set is blue. For all the Ritual Notes diva that I am, I can accept blue as a variant of violet that emphasises the different (from Lent) character of Advent. I do wish, however, that the celebrant wouldn't wear the stole over the chasuble.

Yesterday's celebrant was the Dean of Divinity at Trinity College. He is a standup guy, and I hope he is still there when I get there. The setting of the Mass was Palestrina's Missa Papae Marcelli. It's just as well that the Gloria is not sung in Advent, as the Kyrie was long enough for both. I remarked to the celebrant after Mass that he could have done the entire canon under the Sanctus. He replied that he had been going to, but didn't want to set the tone for bad behaviour!

I admit that I cried during Mother's sermon. She spoke of the desire to remember past Christmases as perfect. I was filled with nostalgia for the Christmas celebrations at the group home of my youth. At first it was a little dribble, but soon I found myself rather inelegantly wiping my face on my surplice (alas, no tunicles for us).

I am already excited for Gaudete Sunday. I'll be at St Thomas's, Huron Street in the morning (rose vestments!) and at the Church of St Mary Magdalene for Solemn Evensong, Advent Carols, & Benediction, followed by neighbourhood carolling.


Davis said...

"I do wish, however, that the celebrant wouldn't wear the stole over the chasuble."

Absolutely no authority for that silly practice.

Hoosierpalian said...


I thought we already had this discussion. You are going to General. Then perhaps we will allow you to do an MTh at Trinity. But first things first!

Geoff said...

Yes, when I'm independently wealthy I will go to General. =P

Hoosierpalian said...

Good point. It can't be a good thing to have young clergy saddled with enormous debt upon emerging from seminary. The smaller, poorer parishes who need their energy won't be able to afford them...
As for me, I'm trying to figure out how to convince my bishop to send me to Emmanuel and St. Chad. Now, there is an affordable MDiv program!

Geoff said...

$6000 for a full course load, exclusive of ancillary fees, seems a little steep to me. At Trinity College, I'd be looking to pay about $4500 if I'm not mistaken.

Hoosierpalian said...

Oh, wow. I guess I was comparing $6000 to:

ETSS $13150
General $13625
CDSP $14400
EDS $16325
Sewanee $16920
Berkeley $18400

I think you may be expecting a rush of American seminarians over your southern border.