Wednesday, December 3, 2008


One frequently hears that the Episcopal Church USA is "dying" and that young people are turned off of churches that don't teach anything substantial.

But it's equally true that young people simply don't care what another person's sexual orientation is. So, Nicene orthodoxy = good. Pauline sexual ethics = not so much. The assumption, though, seems to be that if you're liberal on teh gayz, you must be a scripturally-illiterate post-Christian Arian. And therefore you won't pull in the young'uns. But I'm far from the only Anglican under 30 who can sign off on my manifesto.


Davis said...

We've plenty of under 30's in our parish who can say the same thing. We're not dying by a long shot. Anglo-Catholic, orthodox creedaly and scripturally and fully affirming of gay people as full members of the community.

aaronorear said...

I'm just wondering what "cum zits" are...or do I not want to know?