Thursday, January 14, 2010

My list of churches to hit up when I make it to New York one day

*Church of the Resurrection
*St Mary the Virgin, Times Square (for Solemn Evensong & Benediction)
*St Thomas', Fifth Avenue (to experience the now rare "Frankenmass" in one of Manhattan's toniest settings)
*St Ignatius of Antioch (in hopes of spotting a bemanipled female priest offering Solemn High Mass ad orientem).
*St Peter's Evangelical Lutheran Church (on an incense day)
*the Cathedral Church of St Thomas the Apostle, Harlem
*First Reformed Episcopal Church. (No website, but photo here: whence the Welsh flag, I wonder?).

And out of town:
*Christ Church Bronxville (for the increasingly hard to find Sarum-derived ceremonial tradition)


BillyD said...

What, not the Little Church Around the Corner?

Geoff said...

Yes, eventually, but this is my priority wish list.

Geoff said...

I'm curious about the LCAtC, though.

You have your Resurrection (Missal), St Ignatius (evidently in the Anglican Gradual & Sacramentary vein), St Thomas (Prayer Book Catholic), SMV (modern Catholic with full privileges), St Luke's and Holy Apostles (progressive high church).

Where does the Transfiguration fit in? I know what the answer should be (Pontifical High Mass every Sunday!) but I doubt that it is, so I'm curious.

BillyD said...

The last time I was in NYC I went to LCAtC, but it was for their 8:00 MP and 8:30 Low Mass. For the life of me I can't remember if they used the BCP or the Anglican Service Book.

Derek the Ænglican said...

One of my buddies is an associate there--I'll ask if you're interested.

Michael said...

They all seem like fairly nice places - the sort of place to which a visit may prove enjoyable. Whyever do you want to hit them up? ;-)

BillyD said...

A former rector of the Little Church is a member of my parish, and does some of the weekday Masses. He took today's Mass and I asked him about liturgical texts -- he doesn't know what they use now, but in his day they used the BCP, Rite One.

Isaac Thorpe said...

If you want to see a female saying Solemn High Mass with a maniple on, come out to Vancouver!! S. James welcomes you! You might even have the joy of seeing me sub-deacon or fill the place with smoke!

The Hackney Hub said...

First RE Church has a website:

It's a lovely service. Try to make it for a Communion Sunday.