Friday, January 1, 2010

The Naming and Circumcision of Jesus, II

Festal Te Deum and Sung Mass yesterday at St Matthias, Bellwoods. Fr Craig wore a splendid gold chasuble. The Te Deum paraphrase, to Rustington, was delightful, as was "Judge eternal, throned in splendour" to Rhuddlan. Also fun to trot out "Unto us a boy is born" and "'Twas in the moon of wintertime" (I always like belting out Gitchi Manitou).

The four o'clock time is very student friendly, and the Te Deum offers a fun alternative to the Levee at the Cathedral (but then, pontifical concelebration!)

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BillyD said...

Completely off topic:

Good use of the word "frenetically" over at TA.

God bless! (Feel free to delete this - I couldn't find an e-mail link.)